Sunday, March 17, 2013

Dessert Love

Say hi to my friend who loves food - and especially desserts - to the max. After we finished our main dishes (loved the grilled eel rice), she couldn't hold back those glowing eyes from the many choices in the colorful dessert menu from 風月堂 Orchard Garden Cafe & Restaurant in Causeway Bay. Every dessert seemed to be smiling at her as she kept mumbling "Which dessert should we order?". Her expression was already priceless enough, but then she slipped in the follow up question "AND HOW MANY SHOULD WE ORDER?!" leaving my other friend and me with quite speechless faces like: =____='''' errrr...

Apple Banana Pancake
Mango Parfait
To be honest, I am not a very big fan of sweet desserts, and I was already too full to really enjoy our desserts. In my opinion, it was not bad, but nothing extraordinary either. The restaurant cafe had a very nice setting though with its clean, decent white design and westernized style, and was very comfortable to dine at :)

It's actually hard for me to judge which tastes good and which doesn't since I do not have a lot of comparisons yet. I might eat through Hong Kong for a while, and then I can tell more about different food places and discover my favourites, hihi.


  1. I love dessert and I think
    that's my favorite part
    out of the 3 courses c: I'll
    remember this cafe when I go
    to Hong Kong!


  2. omnomnom I love mango everything!

  3. Sieht sehr lecker aus ^-^ Ich mag ausgefallene süße Desserts sehr gerne.

  4. I love to end off my meals with desserts too but I could never finish one of my own. I love group meals coz we would all pick different flavours and share.

    You have to really eat your way through HK coz the food there is simply good.

  5. I love dessert :9

  6. The desserts look so yummy!

    Carmen Ri.

  7. my stomache can't take it... at least not when i eat it in hk. they add tap water sometimes =.=

  8. i like sweet desserts but somehow i always get a stomache when i eat it in HK .. they add tap water sometimes which my stomache can't take.

  9. I looove desserts! :D I could seriously just have 3 meals of dessert a day haha. Hong Kong has so many nice dessert places! I always used to go to Honeymoon Dessert because it was cheap and I love their mango pancakes. c:

  10. Mhhhmm looks delicious.!
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  12. the desserts looks cute and yummy! I'm weak for these kind of food ;___;
    their menu is filled with lovely looking desserts....I'd like to ordered them all if I can haha

  13. Your friend is like me, sweet tooth! hehehe, mango parfait looks so delish! <3 I nominated you for the Liebster award btw! If you have time, do it :)))

  14. the mango looks delish~ lol i guess we are opposite..i have a sweet tooth lol


  15. That mango dessert looks delicious!

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    With love ❤.

  17. hi Connie, thanks so much for your lovely comment! :) following you now. and these desserts look soo good...especially love the first one!

    Metallic Paws

  18. aaaak those foods *____* super nice pictures! anyway thanks for your suggestion abt efoxcity shop :D I really appreciate it :)

    anyway, i'm following you now, if you like my blog you can follow me back :D

  19. The dessert looks so good!
    I'm sucha fan of dessert and I'm sure to check this place out if I'm ever going to Hong Kong! :>

    Clarie C.

  20. I'm a HUGE fan of sweet deserts, I prefer them to regular food.

    How about following each other? Let me know on my blog!


  21. The desserts looks so so good, so yummy! *___*

  22. Ahaha, der Satz zum Nachtisch hätte definitiv auch von mir kommen können! xD Ich liebe Dessert; ohne ist für mich ein Essen irgendwie nicht abgeschlossen. =_=; lol

    Danke übrigens für deinen lieben Kommentar!
    und ja, den Schnee sind wir irgendwie immer noch nicht los. :/ Wobei jetzt schon nicht mehr so viel rumliegt, aber es schneit doch ab und an immer mal.



Thanks for the comments~ I appreciate all of them! :)